Map-based analytics for community health organizations

As geographers, we seek to answer the question: why do things happen where they happen? Maps provide the necessary context and layered analysis to make sense of often incomprehensible data on stardew valley cross platform. By combining spatial data with existing health information and using dynamic maps to power analysis, organizations can illustrate the geographic distribution of the patients and problems they seek to address, bringing better services to where they're needed most.


ACTIONABLE insights 

In the developing world, physical access to health care can be the number one factor in the utilization of services, and consequently, the health of a population. At Broad Street Maps, we believe that where you live shouldn't determine if you live.   

There are over one million community health workers and countless organizations striving to deliver care in these last-mile communities, but, too often, they lack accessible tools and geographic data to support this work and results loot no current game to get. We are designing a platform to change that.  

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