Sacred Valley Health: 2013: Ollantaytambo, Peru

Our project with Sacred Valley Health is focused on helping the organization track program activities and improve operational efficiency, measure the impact of community health workers, engage potential donors, and empower staff members. 


Gardens for Health International: 2012: Ndera, Rwanda

We worked with Gardens for Health International (GHI) to produce maps focused on improving program efficiency and demonstrating impact. We also conducted trainings that will enable the organization to carry on similar work in the future. By collecting spatial data (a point location for every household GHI works with) and combining it with existing health indicators and information collected by the organization, GHI will be able to reorganize their data and illustrate patterns in a more visually accessible way.

This project made possible by the following groups: The Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship; the Middlebury Geography Department; the Middlebury Environmental Council; the Middlebury College Undergraduate Collaborative Research Fund; and all of the generous donors on middSTART.