Fledge Is Finished...

And we can’t quite believe it. It has been an amazing, action-packed ten weeks, and Broad Street Maps has come a long way.  

Over the last two and a half months, an amazing group of mentors and colleagues pushed us to question every assumption we had ever made about our business, to embark on true customer development, and to fully articulate what it is that makes up our “special sauce.”

We spent hours discussing our unique added value, covering whiteboard after whiteboard with iterations of our business model canvas, and using up more post-its than we feel environmentally comfortable sharing publicly.

 And, ten weeks later, we are happy to report that we have reached some pretty exciting milestones.  

Some highlights: 

  • We officially incorporated as a for-profit social enterprise in the state of Washington

  • We committed to ten new projects with incredible clients working across Tanzania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and India (to name a few) 

  •  We entered into two technical partnerships with organizations, who are helping us move toward productizing our work

  • And we delivered a final Demo Day pitch to a room of 200 interested supporters and investors -- video coming soon!

What’s next for Broad Street Maps?

Well, first, we’re staying in Seattle! We have been wooed by the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the fantastic communities of entrepreneurs, tech experts, geographers, and health professionals we have been lucky enough to meet over the last two plus months. 

And we’re happy to announce that we are now members of WeWork. Last week we moved into an office in their brand new South Lake Union building, and we’re already feeling reenergized. As we start thinking more and more about building out more dynamic mapping projects and developing our own platform, we are eager to explore the work being done and resources that exist within their network of entrepreneurs and creators.

But, mostly, we are excited to dive into the projects we have lined up for this summer and focus on the work of making maps. Stay tuned for updates and features on these partnerships as they progress.

An enormous thank you to Fledge, all of the mentors, new friends, supporters, and enthusiasts we have met since our arrival in Seattle. We look forward to continuing to pick your brains and share our successes with you!