How Healthy is your community?

Last week one of our Fledge mentors showed us this article published this past December in the Seattle Times. Earlier that month, more than 100 advocates and experts from across health and community development sectors convened to raise awareness about the challenges that face King County. And guess what they had in their presentation slides? Maps!

These maps are yet another fascinating piece of the conversation on place-based health outcomes. A conversation we are excited to say is happening more and more at home in the United States. Want to see how your state or county stacks up? Check out these links below:


Take a look the healthiest and least healthy places in America.

Want to know what percentage of registered voters in your state voted? Or what percentage of 4th graders have reached proficient reading levels? Here’s an awesome interactive map that lets you see that and so much more.

Half of those under 65 without insurance live in just 116 of the nation’s 3,143 counties. Is one of them yours?


And just in case you missed it — one of our favorite health-related videos on the internet right now. The Daily Show reports on third world health Knoxville.