Summer Update

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard on our final products for Sacred Valley Health. One set of maps will be used by the promotores out in the community, so we're designing them specifically for print: SVH will laminate the maps and use them as tools to collect data and track program activities. This week, the team in Peru conducted a survey with the community health workers to determine what edits we should make on our initial drafts. The promotores were very enthusiastic about the maps, but suggested that we number the houses, introduce some new symbols, and give a bit more geographic context. We're starting to piece the maps together which is fun: 


We've also been asking ourselves some big questions: how do we measure our impact? what is our long-term vision? how will we distinguish ourselves in this field? what qualities do our ideal clients/partners have? what should our legal structure be? 

One of the biggest is the question of whether we should be a non-profit or for-profit organization. We've been reading as much as we can about the pros and cons of both options, and seeking advice from friends, family, mentors, potential clients, strangers... We ultimately want to choose a structure that enables us to have the greatest impact possible for the groups we work with, so that's what we're trying to keep in mind.

Here's one of the articles I'm reading today. Let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!