Community number 6: Tastayak

Yesterday, we took the 'jungle bus' up the valley's endless switchbacks to reach the community of Tastayak. This is a community that Sacred Valley Health is looking to expand to, so there is not currently a community health worker program operating in the area. Accompanied by Laticia and Porfi, we took points and surveys at the 25 households in the community, and also recorded a track of our journey around the community and then back down the mountain to Ollantaytambo-- check it out! Sorry for the cloudy imagery!

This day marked the end of our data collection. Over the next few days we'll be churning out master spreadsheets of information compiled from the surveys we conducted, shapefiles of all the points we took, demographic reports for each community, and maps showing a variety of information. A lot of this information is confidential so we can't post all of it, but we'll put up a few things to give you, our faithful readers, a sense of what our products are starting to look like!