Welcome to Ollantaytambo, Peru

We made it! After a few days last week acclimating in Cusco, we are busy getting settled in Ollantaytambo. This week we’ve been busy learning more about Sacred Valley Health’s programs, and designing our project together. Over the course of two years, SVH trains community health workers to help improve access to health in remote Andean communities. The promotores, as they’re called, are responsible for providing basic care to their communities, and then referring people on to larger clinics when necessary. The organization also runs medical campaigns in partnership with a variety of medical students that come here to volunteer their time and supplies. On Wednesday we helped portion out the incentives of rice, sugar, and lentils that the community health workers get when they come to the trainings. We also helped count out lots of medicine that the organization distributes during their medical campaigns.

We had a great all-staff meeting this morning about our project, and spent the rest of today coming up with our final statement of work. We’re planning to spend next week collecting data and making maps in a community called Piscaccucho, as a pilot project of sorts. From there, we’ll assess which maps are most useful for SVH, and then move forward with the other communities.

In other news, we love Ollantaytambo! It is small but lively and friendly, and absolutely stunning. The drive here from Cusco was incredible – the mountains are so enormous they look fake. People have been so kind so far, and we have found lots of delicious food.

Off to a great start -- can’t wait to get out in the communities on Monday!

PS – with our new snazzy website, it’s a bit trickier to subscribe to our blog. We’re trying to figure this out. For those of you that use google reader, you can add our web address to get our RSS feed automatically. For others, keep checking back!