starting off our last semester: the project continues!

Sorry we've been very absent -- school started 3 weeks ago and we've been absorbed with that transition. Over the past few weeks, however, we've gotten more than 5 emails with datasets from the new M&E team in Rwanda. Very exciting progress! We are also doing an independent study this fall with two professors, Jon Isham and Jeff Howarth, as a continuation of our project. The purpose of our independent study is to define ways in which small grassroots health organizations can use spatial techniques to inform their work. After spending six weeks introducing GIS to Gardens for Health, International in Rwanda, we are convinced that spatial analysis is an invaluable tool for small organizations. We hope that this semester will allow us time to streamline the model we used for this project, and identify what aspects of it are or are not scalable. In order to do this, we will focus on a few key objectives including: identifying common problems that small organizations face, determining what about those problems is spatial, and designing templates for incorporating spatial thinking into the organizations’ workflows. We will use our project with GHI as a starting point, drawing on it for inspiration and ideas.

This week, we've been finishing Jacqueline Novogratz's book The Blue Sweater. Read it.