Imagery success

Yesterday we did a lot of traveling around in search of speedy internet. We set up shop in the airport café with Samuel and Patience in an attempt to tag some houses using satellite imagery in QGIS. Halfway through the day we actually moved to the national sports stadium, because the imagery wasn’t loading, and we’d heard there is free and fast Wifi there. This was pretty successful for a few hours, and we sat in the stands of an empty and pristine stadium…. until we were escorted out. This was a very confusing but nevertheless friendly experience. Went from there to another café to keep tagging. Long day. In the end, though, we were very successful. Patience and Dative were able to tag 8 families, and Samuel was able to get about 50! We did this by loading a Bing basemap onto QGIS, and layering the houses we’d collected so far on top. We then moved around and identified houses we had not visited that are in GHI’s program, and we dropped points on them, creating a new shapefile of families.

Going into the day we had 81 out 147 points for Ngiryi, 42 out of 123 for Gikomero, and 51 out of 154 for Rubungo. At the end of the day, we now have 222 homes identified, out of the 424! Progress.

It was incredible to watch Samuel think through the process of moving between households using the imagery, and identify the families. We weren’t sure how this would work, so it was definitely cool to realize that it’s a real possibility. Although Patience and Dative got a few homes as well, they definitely struggled with it, however, so we need to think about how we can make it an easier process for them, probably with help from Samuel.

Lessons from the day:

  • We should have collected more reference points out in the field – markets, schools, churches
  • Topographic maps as basemaps would be good
  • Working with Samuel, we had to sort of re-learn spatial navigating terms or gestures, as he tried to explain how we wanted me to pan the Bing map, for example

[caption id="attachment_240" align="aligncenter" width="580"] the health center at Gikomero, surrounded by homes, some of which we were able to identify using this imagery[/caption]