Week(end) number 3

Not much to update on from this past week - we were out continuing to collect data in Gikomero and working to merge all of the data we've collected so far. Another small technical road bump though - we can't get all of the GPS points off the GPS right now. For some reason only the ones we collected on Wednesday will upload, so Tuesday seems to be stuck on the Magellan. Trying to figure this out... Other highlights of the week included: Moses' surprise birthday party on Tuesday at the local bar; the big community dinner at our house on Thursday; going salsa dancing with the whole GHI staff on Thursday night; going to Fani's house for lunch on Saturday (Fani is the GHI cook who is actually obsessed with Anna); and a nice last dinner with the GlobeMed interns at Ogopogo last night. We just saw them off -- so sad to see them go! Read more about GHI and GlobeMed on their awesome blog.

This week we will work on identifying households using satellite imagery, continue collecting data in Rubungo, and will do some GPS trainings with the agriculture agents on Friday.