Halfway there

Despite a (large) hiccup earlier today at the Boston airport, we made it to Istanbul!

We flew from Boston to New York this morning, and then here to Istanbul, where we have an 8ish hour layover before our final flight to Kigali this evening. Anna and I have set ourselves up with some food, caffeine, and free wi-fi to pass the time.

As we've been preparing to go, we've been trying to read and think as much as possible about the technical things we'll be doing (think GIS, mapping, quantum trainings, and lots of troubleshooting). We've also been reading as much as we can about Rwanda itself. Thanks to GlobeMed and the global health U curriculum, we have been learning GHI's work all year, in the context of Rwanda and development work in general. We also got this great list of articles and resources in our GHI volunteer handbook, and I'm trying to work through the last of them now. Thought I'd post them here too so that - hopefully! - you can read through a few as well. Let us know what you think if you do!

 “One Man’s Rwanda.Columbia Journalism Review Feb 2011

 “Philip Gourevitch Shoots Back.Columbia Journalism Review Feb 2011

 “End Human Rights Imperialism Now.” Stephen Kinzer, The Guardian 31 Dec 2010

 “Kagame’s Authoritarian Turn Risks Rwanda’s Future.” Stephen Kinzer, The Guardian 27 Jan 2011

 “UN Congo Report Offers New View of Genocide Era.” Howard French, The New York Times 27 Aug 2010

 “Why CEOs Love Rwanda.Fortune 3 April 2007

 “Rwanda: House Calls and Health Care.” PBS (25 minutes)

Now we're off to find a place to nap for the next 3 or 4 hours...